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I am primarily a portrait photographer. Regardless of who I am photographing, it always brings me great joy to put a smile on a clients face. I do enjoy venturing off into other photography genres from time to time. 

I grew up playing sports, loving technology, and doing well in school. This continued as I got older and graduated High School in the top 10 of my class. Though, unlike the majority of those that graduated alongside me with high GPAs, I did not go directly into college. Instead, I joined the Army my senior year and left for Basic Training shortly after graduating. The experiences that I gained during my time in the Army impacted my life greatly and I have no regrets on my decision to not go to college right after High School and serve my country. 

It was during my second trip to Germany that my passion for photography began. Like most people, I purchased my first camera to take better photos while traveling for capturing memories. The more I used the camera, the more I fell in love with photography. Of course I sold the cost of the camera to my wife, Amy, as also being able to take better photos of her for use on her blog. Previously all of her blog posts were selfies. The more I took photos of Amy the more I enjoyed it and wanted to perfect my technique. In turn, this led me to taking photos for friends and coworkers beginning my journey as portrait photographer.